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Critical Review on Types of Bricks Type 13: Wood Ash Bricks

Wood ash is the residue powder left after the combustion of wood, such as burning wood in a home fireplace or an industrial power plant. In this modern world, due to rise in technology day by day, on the other hand side we the humans were continuously spoiling the environment by polluting it. Wood ash is one of the most pollution causing factors, which was being produced by various industries. On the other side there is demand for clay bricks, due to the use of clay bricks the top layer of the soil is depleted which is too serious problem for the society that cannot be ignored. So to solve this both problems there is an idea to prepare a “Wood ash bricks”. Wood ash is a by-product of combustion from wood-fired boilers, at a typical paper mills and other wood burning facilities. Approximately three million tons of wood ash is produced annually in the United States. Approximately 70% of the wood ash is being landfilled, around 20% is being used as soil supplement, and the remaining 10% is being used in miscellaneous applications. Wood ash is composed of both inorganic and organic compounds. The physical and chemical properties of wood ash vary significantly depending upon various factors such as type or species of trees/wood, method and manner of combustion, efficiency of the boiler, and other supplementary fuel used with wood. Continued use of clay bricks in construction industry will lead to extensive loss of fertile top soil. This could be a devastating environmental hazard. High demand for clay bricks would result in price hike of clay bricks. This paper deals with the manufacturing process of such bricks along with its process of manufacturing, method of testing as well as its advantages Keywords - Wood ash brick, Process of manufacturing, Materials selection, Testing, Advantages