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Critical Review on Types of Bricks Type 14: Plastic Sand Bricks

Brick is one of the most common masonry units used as building material. Due to the demand, different types of waste have been investigated to be incorporated into the bricks. There has been a considerable imbalance between the availability of conventional building materials and their demand in the recent past. On the other hand the laterite quarry waste is abundantly available and the disposal of waste plastics (PET, PP, etc.) is a biggest challenge, as repeated recycling of PET bottles poses a potential danger of being transformed to a carcinogenic material and only a small proportion of PET bottles are being recycled. Because of costly conventional recycling techniques, there has been an increased demand for more scientific and innovative technologies to effectively recycle these materials. This paper deals with manufacturing process, materials used as well as the testing method of plastic sand bricks Keywords - Plastic Sand Bricks, Tests, Materials Selection