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Critical Review on Types of Bricks Type 2: Fly Ash Bricks

In India, bricks are mainly composed up of clay, and are generally produced in traditional, unorganized small scale industries. Bricks are important building material and about 250 billion bricks are annually produced by the industries. Red clay bricks making consumes larger amount of clay which leads to top soil removal and land degradation. Large areas of lands are destroyed every year especially in developing countries due to collection of soil from a depth of about 1 to 2 m from agricultural land. An important step in brick making is firing of bricks in brick kilns which causes serious environmental pollution and health problems. Brick burning largely influence the concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This causes serious air pollution and also workers in brick industries are prone to respiratory diseases To avoid all this environmental threats brick made of waste that is originated from the waste as a residue from the different industries and factories, this types of bricks is termed as fly ash bricks which is composed by the different materials such as lime, gypsum, sand, fly waste etc. The objective of this paper is to explain about manufacturing of fly ash bricks in present era and advantages of using it as a construction material. In this paper author explain about advantages and disadvantages and manufacturing process of fly ash brick. The main motive of this paper is to aware the people about the different devasting effect that is slowly killing our environment by the use of red clay bricks and to promote the usage of fly ash bricks. Keywords - Fly ash bricks, tests , manufacturing process