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Critical Review on Types of Bricks Type 4: Adobe Bricks

Adobe is one of the oldest building materials in use and abundantly found everywhere with affordable and reasonable cost. It is basically just dirt that has been moistened with water, sometimes with chopped straw or other fibers added for strength, and then allowed to dry in the desired shape. In addition to being simple and economic, adobe bricks are fireproof, durable, non-toxic, possess low sound transmission levels through walls and provide sufficient thermal mass to buildings. Adobe brick walls are load bearing structures, which can be used to build up to several stories high. Also, adobe bricks have ability to build vaults and domes. In addition to this, adobe bricks afford great flexibility in the design and construction process. They can be simply cut, reshaped and can easily be subjected to opening to be used for building’s services.This paper present an review on the adobe bricks Keywords - Adobe bricks history, process of manufacturing, tests, advantages