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Spinning and Flow Forming Processes in Manufacturing Industries: A Review

Over the last many years, spinning and flow forming have gradually matured as metal forming processes for the production of engineering components in small to medium batch quantities. Combined spinning and flow forming techniques are being utilized increasingly due to the great flexibility provided for producing complicated parts nearer to net shape, enabling customers to optimize designs and reduce weight and cost. It offers remarkable utilization of metal, high strength high precision rotationally symmetric components with very high specific strength, excellent surface finish and close dimensional tolerances within the envelope of reasonable economics the ever-increasing strength demands of automotive industries, defense and aerospace sectors have given considerable impetus to research work in this area. In this paper, process of spinning and flow forming are introduced. The state of the art is described and developments in terms of research and industrial applications are reviewed. Also, the direction of research and development for future industrial applications are indicated to this end, it is the intent of the authors to provide the readers with an accurate overview on the main scientific approaches proposed by researchers and scientists working in this specific area. The research works description represents the main part of this literature review. Key words - Spinning, flow forming, flexibility, incremental forming.