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Comparative Study of Compressive Strength of Concrete cubes with silica fumes based on Ultrasonic pulse Velocity (U.P.V) and its Density

Testing of ultrasonic pulse velocity (UPV) is one of the most popular and actual non-destructive techniques used in the estimation of the concrete properties in structures. In research, an approach has been proposed for the evaluation of relationship between concrete compressive strength, UPV, and density values. The present study is performed by using the experimental data obtained from testing many casted concrete cores mixing with different % of silica fumes added on it. The presented approach enables to find practically concrete strengths in the reinforced concrete structures using silica fumes as an recycling admixture, Thus researchers can easily evaluate the compressive strength of concrete specimens by using UPV values. The method can be used in conditions including too many numbers of the structures and examinations to be done in restricted time duration. This method also contributes to a remarkable reduction of the computational time without any significant loss of accuracy. Statistic measures are used to evaluate the performance of the models. The comparison of the results clearly shows that this approach can be used effectively to predict the compressive strength of concrete by using UPV and density data. In addition, it can be used as a non-destructive procedure for health monitoring of structural elements. Keywords - NDT, UPV, Concrete Structures, Testing, Cubes, Recycling Material, Silica Fumes