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Study on Different Truss Structures for Ware House Design

The present work presents a sizing optimization procedure for composite steel-3-dimensinal frames. An evolutionary optimization method is employed to minimize structural cost subject to constraints associated with: (a) Indian provisions for safety of steel structures, (b) I.S. 800:2007 provisions for safety of steel members, (c) Structural system. For the numerical analysis of steel structure, a variety of damage scenarios is considered. The results obtained demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed optimization approach of particular importance is the investigation of the variation in the structural cost achieved when collapse resistance constraints are incorporated in the design process. By enforcing the satisfaction of additional design requirements on system resistance and safety against local failure, structural cost is inevitably increased. This increase is quantitatively explored by comparing designs obtained with and without collapse resistance constraints. Here in this research work we will analyze two structures of same geometry and loadings with optimization of steel by using two different sections. Keyword - Steel-section, Structural Optimization, Progressive Collapse, analysis, staad-pro.