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Paper Title :
Design and Fabrication of Pre-Hospital Transport Stretcher

Author :Udyanth Vaidya, Ruthwick Kiran Mr, Kiran Kumar K U, Raghu Yogaraju

Article Citation :Udyanth Vaidya ,Ruthwick Kiran Mr ,Kiran Kumar K U ,Raghu Yogaraju , (2019 ) " Design and Fabrication of Pre-Hospital Transport Stretcher " , International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering (IJMPE) , pp. 15-19, Volume-7,Issue-4

Abstract : The purpose of a stretcher is to transport a patient from the site of trauma to an ambulance. Usually in multi floored buildings an elevator is available, the stretcher has a major limitation as they are not meant for negotiating a stair-case. This design finds its relevance in buildings that are congested with narrow staircases and do not have an elevator facility. In broad perspective, it is a structure that can negotiate a narrow staircase. A detailed study of material composites based on its mechanical properties such as tensile strength, density, weight, thermal properties, corrosion and resistance are considered. The mechanisms for negotiating a staircase like a ramp were studied and concepts were generated and to achieve the design, mechanisms are incorporated. The design is tested for various loading conditions from which important relationships between geometry of the design and the forces involved are illustrated using modeling and software analysis. The result show that the design is capable of sustaining more loads compared to existing stretchers made from conventionally used metals. Keywords - Stair-Case, Stretcher, Transport Equipment, Ball Joint, Track Mechanism.

Type : Research paper

Published : Volume-7,Issue-4


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| Published on 2019-06-24
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