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Paper Title :
Quality Analysis Of Automotive Casting For Productivity Improvement By Minimizing Rejection

Author :Vivek V. Yadav, Shailesh J. Shaha

Article Citation :Vivek V. Yadav ,Shailesh J. Shaha , (2016 ) " Quality Analysis Of Automotive Casting For Productivity Improvement By Minimizing Rejection " , International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering (IJMPE) , pp. 1-8, Volume-4,Issue-6

Abstract : Casting defect can negatively impact the bottom line of a foundry. A defect in a casting deteriorates casting surface quality and mechanical properties. It is responsible for loss of profitability, quality level and productivity of component. So it is preferably necessary to reduce it as much as possible by appropriate analysis. This paper presents research work carried out in foundry to minimize casting rejection due to major defect. A problem is facing with the single cylinder head. Study focuses on analysis of Blow hole defect which contributes more in total rejection percentage. Quality analysis is carried out which includes the Root cause analysis to find out actual reasons behind occurring the blow holes. Quality control tools such as Pareto analysis, Cause and Effect (Ishikawa) diagram, and Why-why analysis are used for analysis. Accordingly corrective actions and preventive measures are suggested and implemented. Central gas vent cleaning practice is added as a check point in process control check sheet and Pasting of wet green sand on central gas vent during mould box assembly is added as process compliance. Evaluation of effectiveness after implementation of these changes shows significant reduction in rejection due to blow hole as well as in total rejection. Rejection due to blow hole is minimizes from 7.74% to 1.81%. It turns into considerable reduction in total revenue loss as well as productivity improvement by 8.60%. Keywords- Casting Defects, Blow Hole, Pareto Analysis, Cause and Effect (Ishikawa) Diagram, Why-why analysis, Root Cause Analysis, Productivity Improvement.

Type : Research paper

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| Published on 2016-07-09
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