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Paper Title :
Performance Optimisation of a Single Cylinder 4-Stroke Diesel Engine Using Biodiesel Fuel

Author :Vivek Subramaniam S, Sai Vinayak G, Prashanth K

Article Citation :Vivek Subramaniam S ,Sai Vinayak G ,Prashanth K , (2017 ) " Performance Optimisation of a Single Cylinder 4-Stroke Diesel Engine Using Biodiesel Fuel " , International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering (IJMPE) , pp. 5-8, Volume-5,Issue-4

Abstract : This research paper is a result of the dependence on crude oil to power the world, and the necessity to reduce the dependency through the usage of alternative fuels and blends, yet not sacrificing on engine performance. Through modern experimental and theoretical techniques, the sustainability of these depletable resources can be increased. For our study, these techniques are essentialized on alternate fuels involved in internal combustion engines and are optimized to produce better engine performance. One such alternate fuel is biodiesel obtained from sunflower oil through transesterification process, and has recently gained substance due to its relatively less toxic nature. Currently, we are more concerned about blends that are used in the betterment of biodiesel and, here specifically, methyl and ethyl esters. As there is significant growth in the power and adaptability of research related to experimental and computational modelling, clean and efficient combustions can be realised with suitable simulations. Computationally simulated biodiesel in a diesel engine is verified against experimental data. This gives a clear picture of the pros and cons of diesel versus biodiesel and about the range of application in internal combustion engines. Abbreviations: Computer Aided Design (CAD) , Top Dead Centre (TDC), Crank Angle (CA), Hydrocarbons (HC) Keywords- Diesel; Biodiesel; Computational modelling; Combustion; Blends

Type : Research paper

Published : Volume-5,Issue-4


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| Published on 2017-06-27
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