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Paper Title :
Experimental Study on Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Author :Anmol Shandilya, Richa Shukla, Ritesh Kamble

Article Citation :Anmol Shandilya ,Richa Shukla ,Ritesh Kamble , (2017 ) " Experimental Study on Fiber Reinforced Concrete " , International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering (IJMPE) , pp. 22-24, Volume-5,Issue-11

Abstract : Concrete plays a vital role as a construction material in the world But the use of concrete as a structural material is limited to certain extent by deficiencies like brittleness like brittleness , poor tensile strength and poor resistance to impact strength, fatigue, low ductility and low durability. In the present scenario , waste materials from various industries and admixtures are added to the mix. The main objective is to study the different parameters affecting the shear behavior of concrete reinforced with steel fiber. It also aims to determine the influence of the different parameters involved and examine certain design codes, with particulars reference to the role of fiber reinforcement. Glass fiber reinforced concrete ( GFRC) is a recent introduction in the field if civil engineering . So, it has been extensively used in many countries since its introduction two decades ago. This product has advantage of being light weight and thereby reducing the overall cost of construction, ultimately bringing economy in construction. Steel reinforcement corrosion and structural deterioration in reinforced concrete structures are common and prompted many researches to seek alternative materials and rehabilitation techniques. So, researchers all over the world are attempting to develop high performance concrete using glass fibers and other admixture in concrete up to certain extent . In the view of global sustainable scenario, it is imperative that fibers like glass, carbon, aramid and poly-propylene provide very wide improvement in tensile strength, fatigue characteristics , durability , shrinkage characteristics, impact, cavitation, erosion resistance and servicebility of concrete.

Type : Research paper

Published : Volume-5,Issue-11


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