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Hydro Internal Combustion Engine

Focus of this study is to give and describe the details of research and workings on hydro IC engine. Hydro IC engine is an engine which would work with water as its fuel. The objective of this work is to decrease the use of non-renewable resources. The world’s population is expected to expand from about 6 billion people to 10 billion people by the year 2050, all striving for a better quality of life. As the Earth’s population grows, so will the demand for energy and the benefits that it brings improved standards of living, better health and longer life expectancy, improved literacy and opportunity, and many others. For the Earth to support its population, we must increase the use of energy supplies that are clean, safe, and cost-effective. This concept of Hydro IC engine works on temperature exchange between two chemical substances which continuously react among themselves and helps us to derive mechanical energy out of it. This concept of engine is based upon a modified version of a normal two stroke engine. This engine consists of piston and cylinder arrangement. The most important thing in this complete work is that this method doesn’t produce any kind of exhaust gases or chemical compounds out of it in the complete cycle. This engine works continuously by using this chemical substance which do not get depleted and could be used again and again.