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Implementation of 5-S for Efficient Manufacturing in a Plastic Industry

The present work is a modest attempt towards employing a lean manufacturing tool i.e. 5-S for improving productivity in a plastic molding industry. This work was carried out in Subhadra Industries located at Bhopal, India. The industry is a potential manufacturer of various products such a water bottles of different sizes, edible oil cans of 15 liters and 5 liters storage capacity, plastic jars, containers etc. Main objective of the work was to study the impact of employing 5S techniques on productivity, safety and overall work efficiency in the industry. For this purpose, during first run of production, the work place was carefully observed and various processes/activities were recorded. Various activities were classified as pre production activities, during production activities and post production activities. Some activities/methods were re-planned considering 5-S (sort, set, shine, standardize and sustain). Some improvements/changes in the production environment were suggested to streamline the workflow, reduce the waste and improve the productivity. The 5-S has been found to be simple & effective and can be applied in any industry.