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Pressure Conditions in the Pressing Chamber During Compaction of Powder Materials

Densification of powder materials is complicated process where the main role to achieve high quality pressings play pressure conditions in the pressing chamber. Compaction of the particulate matter in the pressing chambers of different geometries causes different pressure conditions. The geometry of the chamber is defined by its shape and dimensions, which can be generalized to the design parameters of the compaction process. In the paper, mathematical models of pressure conditions depend on the design parameters of pressing chambers of different geometry are investigated; namely for the cylindrical chamber, the conical chamber, the combined geometry "cylinder-cone" and "cone-cylinder". Derived mathematical models are generally valid for compaction of particulate matter. Their practical importance lies in their application in optimizing the design of the pressing chambers in terms of minimizing the energy costs for pressing. Meaning and examples of optimization are detailed in the work.1 Keywords - Densification, Extrusion, Geometry of Pressing Chamber, Particulate Matter