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Physical-Mechanical Properties of Monocrysalline Si1-XGEX(X≤0,02)Alloys

Over the last few years, the interest in the SiGe alloy bulk crystals and epitaxial structures has been sharply increased, that is stipulated by high perspectives of creation and application of high-efficient, radiation resistant, high-speed semiconductor devices based on them. Present work deals with the investigations of the influence of hightemperature annealing and deformation on themicrostructure, electrophysical properties and hysteretic and microplastic damping processes of torsional oscillations of monocrystalline Si1-xGex(x ≤ 0.02) alloys. The object of the research is Si1-xGex (x≤0,02) alloys grown by Czochralski method in [111] crystallographic direction. Microstructure of the samples was investigated by optical microscope NMM-80RF/TRF. Electrical characteristics were determined by Hall Effect measurements on the Ecopia HMS-3000 device. Amplitude dependence of internal friction and shear modulus were investigated by the laboratory device at the fixed temperatures (20 and 700⁰C), in the ranges of torsional oscillations frequency (0.5-5 Hz) and strain amplitude (10-5-5.10-3). It is shown, that microstructure of SiGe alloys on the planes (111) is characterized by inhomogeneously distributed dislocations, that is more clearly revealed with increasing Ge content. Influence of anneling in vacuum at 900 and 1200⁰C temperarures was investigated. Duration of anneling is 10hrs. Tendency to increasing values of critical strain amplitudes, at which break-away of various dislocations from the weak and strong pinning centers takes place was revelaed. Cyclic deformation of the annealed samples decreases critical values of strain amplitude by 10-15%, connected to the weak point pinning centers of dislocations.Peculiarities of changes of physicalmechanical characteristics stipulated by Ge alloying, Ar-ions implantation and hightemperature annealing and deformation have been analyzed Keywords - SiGe alloys, Dislocation, Strain amplitude, microplastic deformation, annealing.