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Smart Medicine Box

This work presents the design and development of a Smart Medicine Box. The concept of Smart Medicine Box is an accessory targeted for health care application. It is an automated box, which can be programmed by an android app, which facilitates the dispensing of medicine pills as per the schedule prescribed by the doctor. It is designed keeping in mind the requirement of the elderly people, who tend to forget the daily dosage of their medicine. The system uses Wi-Fi technology to update the medicine prescription. The heart of the Smart Medicine Box is an inexpensive Wi-Fi enabled microcontroller ESP8266. The Microcontroller keeps track of the time and correspondingly operates the motorized trays for dispensing the medicine. An android app with built-in MQTT broker connects to the ESP8266 and updates the schedule of prescription as and when required. Keywords - Smart Medicine Box; Android; Microcontroller; Wi-Fi; MQTT