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Parametric Analysis of a Biomass-fired Combined Power and Refrigeration Cycle

In this present study, a new combined cycle (combination of Kalina cycle and an ejector refrigeration cycle) is proposed to produce power and refrigeration outputs simultaneously. Supplied heat to the proposed combined cycle is derived from biomass combustion. Heat is extracted from a high temperature/pressure stream of Kalina cycle working fluid (which does not directly contribute to the power production of the Kalina cycle) and is transferred to ejector refrigeration cycle for the purpose of refrigeration generation. A parametric analysis is performed to determine the effect of variation in the mass flow rate of the Kalina cycle working fluid on performance parameters of the combined cycle: thermal efficiency, power production and refrigeration generation. A computational program is developed to simulate the combined cycle and details of the applied mathematical model are reported in the study. Keywords - Biomass-fired combined cycle, Kalina cycle, ejector refrigeration cycle.