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Experimental Evaluation of Electrode Profiles on Electric Discharge Machining Performance on Aisi D2 Steel

Electro discharge machining is one of the non-traditional machining procedures used to produce a better-machined surface with high surface finish on difficult to machine materials. The objective of present research work is to study the influence of different electrode profile on surface quality during electric discharge machining. Best parametric setting obtained using multiple response technique with AISI D2 die steel as work material and copper as an electrode was further used for further study using different bottom profiles of electrode i.e. concave, convex, and flat with radius of curvature 5, 7 and 9 mm. Machined surface quality was evaluated in term of material removal rate (MRR), tool wear rate (TWR), surface roughness (Ra) and recast layer. It was found that 7mm (radius) concave bottom surface of the electrode resulted in the generation of minimum surface roughness and recast layer and Maximum MRR is obtained with convex bottom profile at 9mm radius of curvature. Keywords - Electric discharge machining, Taguchi Methodology, Machined surface quality, MRR, TWR, Surface Roughness