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Numerical Evaluation of Thermal and Hydraulic Performance of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger with Various Fin Configurations

Thermal and hydraulic performance of printed circuit heat exchanger (PCHE) has been evaluated using numerical methods. Also, performance at various fin configurations has been compared with the original configuration[1]. For the numerical simulation, a commercial code ANSYS-CFX has been adopted along with ANSYS-ICEM CFD for structured mesh generation. Temperature and pressure conditions on the cold side of PCHE fall near the critical point of 􀜥􀜱􀬶 where thermophysical properties of 􀜥􀜱􀬶 vary sharply with changing conditions of temperature and pressure. For accurate performance prediction of PCHE, provision of precise thermophysical properties of the working fluid is mandatory. In the current study thermophysical properties of 􀜥􀜱􀬶 were supplied to solver through real gas property (RGP) table. An in-house Matalb code was used to write the high resolution RGP files by coupling the Matlab program with the NIST’s REFPROP. Keywords: SCO2, Printed circuit heat exchanger, friction factor, Nusselt number