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Design And Implementation Of Mechanical Poka-Yoke System Using Programmable Logic Controller

In this work company is having a assembly problem of wrong fitment of “Nut Plate” or “Bracket” on Sill. This Sill is spot welded with assembly of front floor of Bolero vehicle. Hence wrong assembly of front floor, this floor is assembled with body of Bolero vehicle. Due to wrong assembly of front floor in body of Bolero vehicle, losses in terms of cost, time, production and transportation are high so it is a critic issue. To solve this assembly issue we use a tool called as Poka-Yoke. In assembly lines of vehicle, the idea of Poka-Yoke implementation is a necessary work from decades. Although the different Poka-Yokes are implemented in assembly lines, the principle of flow production as central element of Lean Production have not often been transferred successfully to assembly areas yet. This is because continuously rising of complexity of product design. We designed and implemented Poka-Yoke successfully using Programmable Logic Controller for Bolero front floor assembly.