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Sensitivity Analysis Of Volute Parameters Using FDM

Sensitivity analysis plays a critical role in numerical optimisation and reliability studies. The present paper estimates the sensitivities of the output matrices with respect to the input parameters of a volute casing geometry. A finite difference method has been applied to evaluate the impact of different volute parameters like volute width, tongue angle, throat area and radial location of the volute on the pressure distribution and pressure loss occurring inside the volute of a centrifugal blower. The geometric parameters are varied from their nominal values and numerical simulation is carried out, by validated numerical model, to evaluate the sensitivity of these input parameters on the performance output variables. Later on, two parameter sensitivities are also investigated and their results are discussed. The results of sensitivity analysis can help to identify the geometric parameters which have a major impact in deciding the performance of centrifugal turbomachines. This study provides a base for selecting the input parameters for the optimisatio of volute geometry