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Pongamia Oil Methyl Ester and LPG Blend in Cidi Engineunder the Effect of Fuel Injection Pressures

The rapid depletion of fossil fuel has stimulated worldwide efforts to produce alternative fuel to diesel fuel. The Pongamia oils could be explored as a source for producing biodiesel effectively with environmental concern. The present work deals with experimental investigations performed on a direct injection compression ignition adopting a compression ratio of 16.5 by varying fuel injection pressures (190, 210 and 230 bar in steps of 20 bar) at a constant speed of 1500 rpm employing Pongamia oil Methyl Esters (PME) LPG Blend. The engine was successfully run with Pongamia oil LPG Blend. The results were compared with the baseline data of petro-diesel fuel obtained at a rated Fuel injection pressure (FIP) of 190 bar and CR 16.5. The peak pressures and heat release rates were also observed at 190, 210 and 230 bar. The engine emissions in terms of HC, CO and Smoke opacity were lower but the NOₓ were found to be increased PMELPG fuel. Keywords- CIDI engine, Pongamia oil Methyl Ester LPG Blend, Fuel injection pressure, Compression ratio, Engine performance, Exhaust emissions