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Parametric Optimization of Heat Pipe by Component and System Analysis

Heat pipes are thermal exchangers equipped for exchanging heat energy hundreds of times faster than traditional techniques. The energy consumption has increased significantly during the recent decade. The impact on the energy consumption of an air conditioning system is simulated with 8-row heat pipe installed in the HVAC system. It was also compared to the HVAC system without heat pipe. Optimal configuration, angle and cost analysis was done using the results of thermal analysis of the components. The thermal analysis was done on the component level using finite element method and transient system analysis on the system level by empirical representation of all components and simulating the modular components. The efficiency of the air conditioning was increased by 15%. The heat pipe added the advantage of free precool and reheat, no heat is added to conditioned space, as well as it increases system efficiency. Keywords - Heat Pipes, HVAC, Dehumidifier, Heat Rate, Simulation