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Mechanical and Metallurgical Properties of Friction Stir Welded Magnesium Alloy Joints Using Different Pin Profiles

In this research the influence of friction stir welding tool pin profiles on the mechanical properties and microstructure of ZE-41 Mg alloy joint have been investigated. Two tool pin geometries i.e. straight cylindrical and threaded cylindrical with 18 mm diameter of shoulder, and 6 mm pin diameter made from high carbon steel (HCS) were used to prepare the weldments. The joints were welded using friction stir welding process at various tool rotational and traverse speeds. Tensile properties of the joints were evaluated. Metallurgical properties were investigated and correlated with mechanical properties of the joints. It has been found that threaded cylindrical pin geometry produced weld joints having maximum ultimate tensile strength compared with straight cylindrical pin. Fine grained microstructure was achieved with threaded cylindrical pin geometry. Keywords- FSW, Magnesium alloy ZE-41, Microstructure, Pin profile, Mechanical properties,