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Performance of Single Cell, Two-Cell and Three-Cell Trapezoidal Post Tensioned Box Girders: A Comparative Study

The previous studies of box girder bridges were related to the comparison of pre stressed concrete box girder with other sections of precast pre stressed concrete girder with respect to load carrying capacity, shear stress resistance and pre stressed losses. The rectangular, trapezoidal and circular sections of box girders are the typical sections which are generally used. Now a day trapezoidal section of box girder becomes more popular due to its high structural efficiency, better stability and serviceability. This paper presents a comparative study of single cell, two-cell and three-cell trapezoidal sections of post tensioned box girder for same span length, span width, traffic and loading conditions is in the production of carries. Keywords - Box girder, STAAD-Pro, Dead load bending moment, Dead load shear force.