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Influence of Elasticity of the VIBRO-Conveyer Working Member Bottom on the Vibratory Displacement of the Friable Material

A vibratory transportation of the friable materials is mostly realized on the rigid working surface and influence of its finite rigidity (elasticity) on the vibratory technologic process of the friable material is not studied sufficiently. A dynamical model of the vibratory system “vibro-exciter – working member with elastic bottom – friable load” and mathematical description in the form of differential equations are considered in the presented report. By mathematical modeling is studied law of the friable material displacement under action of the working member double vibrations – vibrations of the working member frame + proper deformations of the bottom”. It is shown that deformations of the frame bottom caused by the frame inertia can be used for increase of both, intensity of displacement and velocity of transportation of the material. Some results of the modeling and a scheme of the working member new construction are presented in the report. Key words - Vibratory displacement of the friable material, elastic working member, spatial vibrations, mathematical modeling.