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Study the Thermal Problem in the Friction Clutches Applying a Different Applied Pressure Functions

The thermal problem in the friction clutches is considered an essential issue that affects the performance and lifetime of the contacting surfaces of elements of the clutch system. Therefore, this paper focused on an essential factor affect the thermal behavior of the friction clutches, this factor is the function of applied pressure during the sliding period. The effect of the applied pressure function in the dry friction clutches is investigated theoretically. Two functions of applied pressure were assumed; constant and increasing linearly with the sliding time. A finite element technique has been used to compute the temperature distribution of the contacting surfaces of the friction clutch disc at any instant during a single engagement. Axisymmetric finite element models were developed to find the solution of theromelstic coupling problem in the automotive clutches. The numerical results showed that the highest temperature appeared when applying a constant pressure where as the lower values of temperatures appeared when applying the linear function of applied pressure. Keywords -Thermo-elastic problem; Single-disc friction clutch; Applied pressure; Thermal analysis; Finite element technique.