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A Firefly Algorithm for Optimum Design of Corrugated Steel Web Beams

In this study, the designation of corrugated steel web beams is formulated as optimum design problem. The minimum weights of these new generation steel beams are taken as the objective functions while the design constraints are respectively implemented from BS EN1993-1:2005 (Annex-D, Eurocode 3) ve DIN 18-800 Teil-1. Firefly stochastic optimization technique is used for obtaining the solution of the design problem. The thickness and height of web, distance between the peaks of the following two web curves, the width and thickness of flange will be considered as the problem design variables. The formulation of the design problem considering the limitations of the above mentioned turns out to be a discrete programming problem. Number of design examples considered to demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed algorithm. Keywords - Structural optimization, corrugated web beams, stochastic searh methods, firefly algorithm.