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The “CuInSeS/ZnS” Core/Shell Quantum Dot and its Application in Luminescent Solar Concentrator

The CuInSeS/ZnS quantum dots with high photoluminescence quantum yield of 70% was proposed as a luminescent material in luminescent solar concentrator applications. This quantum dot has advantages of large Stocks shift of 0.43eV.The Luminescent solar concentrators was fabricated in dimension of 2.2 cm × 2.2 cm × 0.3cm by dispersing 0.3%wt. CuInSeS/ZnS quantum dots particles in a polymethylmethacrylate waveguide and its performance was evaluated. Results are showing that the CuInSeS/ZnS quantum dots - Luminescent solar concentrators provides a bright way for reducing of losses due to reabsorption in Luminescent solar concentrators. The maximum power conversion efficiency of 9.16% was obtained from the LSC doped with QDs, which is more than 3 folds to the LSC device without QDs. Index Terms - Quantum Dots, Luminescent materials, Luminophores, LSC, Reabsorption, Solar cell.