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Experimental Analysis on Viscosity for Nano fluids of Sio2, Al2o3, Fly Ash and Biological Material

Some conventional fluids such as lubricating oils, air, water and others for cooling of various parts of engine in automobiles, refrigeration system and some other industrial applications. However, experimental data observes that these conventional fluids are not feasible and hindrances in heat transfer capacity because fluids show very low thermal conductivity by as its nature. Recent technology on nano fluids shows, materials in nano form occupies an important place in changing properties of its elements in basic structure. Researchers found that heat transfer fully dependent on thermal conductivity of particles as well as particle size, diameter and volume concentration. Nano materials added to fluids and these Nano fluids used for increasing thermal properties in heat transfer equipment like heat exchangers, radiators, other parts of automobiles and machine components etc. This paper observes the various properties of lubricants primarily concentrate on thermal capacity conductivity of Nano fluids for SiO2, Al2O3, and coal ash. A new biological material used by our ancients as lubricant additive also used for experimental investigations and results compared with conventional fluids. The particle size considered is 60nm measured by Scanning electron microscope (SEM), images taken for the size and characteristics. The experiments carried out by using a heat exchanger pipe in pipe type under laminar flow condition by a forced convection mode. The fluids prepared with concentrations 0.2%, 0.4%, 0.8% and 1% on SAE0W-20 engine oil as base fluid. Keywords - Thermal conductivity; Heat transfer coefficient; Nano material; Al2O3; SiO2.