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Evaluating the Impacts of Waste and Development on Organizational Performance for Small to Medium Enterprises in Manufacturing

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are competing in turbulent markets, the key to sustainability and survival would be to achieve high performance standards, and be able to effectively measure and to monitor performance. One advantage that SMEs have is their agility, but agility can only become possible if the information about the internal and external performance affecting events are well fed into decision making. This study is an attempt to devise a method for better understanding of the relationships between different factors of performance measurement that lead to operational and business sustainability. A model is being presented as an original attempt to breakdown the key factors of sustainability, and translate the influencing factors into objective metrics to predict the sustainability of an SME in its business environment. The presented framework attempts to recognize existing activities as well as their influence on performance measurement, and it is developed based on four measurable indicators: production, delivery, customer service and leadership. The performance of ten UK based SMEs have been under scrutiny in this study. Frequent, surveys and interviews were conducted over two years in the manufacturing sector. One hundred questionnaires were validated and analyzed. This article reports a summary attempt of a novel conceptual framework and analysis process to develop a performance measurement model for SMEs’ sustainability.