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Influence of Fuel Pressure on the EFIJ-1-38 Injector Work Parameters in Ultra-Efficient Car with 4 Stroke Combustion Engine

Shell Eco Marathon (SEM) is the most prestigious and the largest competition for students and theirs ultraefficient cars. The aim of the competition is to emerge the most efficient car that consume as little as possible fuel. This great challenge connect different engineering fields such as aerodynamics, mechanics, electronics, IT. One of the most important factor that directly influence the result is 4 stroke combustion engine. These motors are small and in most common cases its volume is between 25 cm3 and 50 cm3. Such engines that comes from garden tools usually have carburettor but for competitions purposes SEM teams change this type of fuel supply to injector and EMU (engine management unit) that allow to use indirect injection of dose of fuel. Because of these engine works only few seconds per each lap (engine works only when vehicle accelerate) thus it is unable to use lambda sensor and proper setup of the engine must be loaded before race. Injector is first in whole fuel system that decides how many fuel is injected into manifold consequently knowledge how injector works during race and how external factor influence is the key to achieve best possible results. This paper focus on how injector’s work parameters change with change in value of fuel pressure in car’s fuel system.