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Study on Electrochemical Behavior COCRMO Alloy using EBM Fabricated in Simulated Body Fluid

This study presents effect of direct build during EBM fabricated (0°, 45°, 55° and 90°) to the evolution of microstructure that influenced the properties of electrochemical involve passivity formation in blood plasma. The results was revealed during solidification of CoCrMo induce the precipitate formation in both grain boundaries and matrix grain. Precipitate was contributed to the range of passivity formation, due to induce the dissolution of metals in the electrolyte. However, the redox behavior was not influenced by microstructure and precipitate. It was only influenced by type of electrolyte composition. During contact with blood plasma, CoCrMo were performed oxide Cr2O3 and Cr(OH)3, which high dominated by Cr2O3, respectively. From the bode phase and phase spectra were depicted of stability oxide formation whether in low frequency or high frequency. Impedance was described the nyquist spectrum with high semicircle perform in 55° of direct build both in Top part and Bottom part. In general, direct built parameter during EBM fabricated was give significant contribution to the stability of passivity formation due to the microstructure and precipitate distribution.