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Estimation to Optimize Energy Spent on a Single Welding Pool Creation in Micro-Plasma Powder Deposition Process of Js32 Nickel Superalloy Hpt Blade’s Bandage Shelve

From the point of estimating the energy input forming a single welding pool, the experience of industrial application of micro-plasma powder welding deposition (MPWD) in large-scale repair of aircraft gas turbine engine (GTE) blades made of JS32 nickel-based superalloy has been analyzed. For some welding mode types, used in industry for the last 10 years, the conditions providing technological strength of “substrate-deposited metal” welding joint in bandage shelves refurbishment have been specified. Pecularities of a number of technological factors affecting heat-input into the work piece at the stage of a single weld pool existence have been examined, proposing future directions for MPWD process optimization. Index Terms- Aircraft Gas Turbine Blades Repair, Hot Cracking Susceptibility, Microplasma Powder Welding Deposition, Nickel Superalloys, Weldability, Technological Strength.