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Effects of Compressor Inlet Air Temperature on Performance and Fuel Economy of a Stationary Gas Turbine

The main objective of this work is to model the gas turbine output and performance as affected by the change of compressor by theoretical thermodynamics with the measurement results in comparison. This work studies the stationary gas turbine engine behavior owing to compressor inlet air temperature alteration. This affects the output power and thermal efficiency of the machine where the former is a prime mover of an electricity generator. Lowering the compressor inlet air temperature can increase the compressor efficiency and continuously increase production capacity. The turbine and compressor performance, and fuel consumption are investigated. The sensitivity analysis of the measured net power output and specific fuel consumption are explored. Those results from calculation and experiment are found to be related. The fuel economy related economics is calculated, based on the change in compressor inlet temperature. Index Terms - Compressor, economics, efficiency, gas turbine.