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Performance Analysis of A Household Refrigerator Retrofitted With Shell and Tube Water-Cooled Heat Exchanger

In the perspective of reducing the household energy consumption, current research in conventional refrigeration is concentrating on enhancing energy efficiency of components and introducing innovative designs. The research paper presents performance analysis of a household refrigerator using box type shell and tube water -cooled condenser (BSTWC), as a substitution to the hot-wall air cooled condenser (HWAC) by exploratory strategy. Iinvestigation is carried according to ISO 15502:2005 refrigerator test guidelines. The experimental result shows that the coefficient of performance of a refrigerator with BSTWC is increased by 18% to 20% and the energy consumption is reduced by 15 % in comparison with conventional refrigerator. The pull-down time achieved by a refrigerator with a water cooled condenser is 24% less as compared with air cooled condenser. The compressor discharge temperature is reduced by 15% with water cooled condenser. The total equivalent warming impact(TEWI) of refrigerator working with BSTWC is 16% lower than that the refrigerator with HWAC condenser. The utilization of BSTWC in household refrigerators enhance the energy efficiency. Keywords: Refrigerator, water cooled condenser, Energy efficient, TEWI, COP