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Thermal Modelling and Numerical Investigations on a Double Layered Microchannel Heat Sink

1-D thermal model is developed in the present study to find the complicated relationship between the overall thermal performance of a DL-MCHS with counter flow configuration, different geometrical parameters and flow conditions. Numerical investigations are also carried out to analyse the thermal resistance, pumping power and temperature distribution in the substrate of a DL-MCHS. The results of the present study show a good agreement of the developed 1-D thermal resistance model of a DL-MCHS with the existing literatures and present numerical results. It is observed that the thermal resistance is decreased by 6.01% and temperature uniformity is increased by 42.57% for counter flow DL-MCHS as compared to SL-MCHS with similar geometric and flow configurations. Keywords - Double Layered Microchannel Heat Sink, Thermal performance, Pumping power;