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Parametric Approach for Winglet in Gas Turbine Blade Tip

Numerical investigation has been conducted to study the effect of winglet in rotor blade tip configuration. Complete stage of gas turbine has been simulated include forty-six vanes and seventy-six blades. The model was presented on ANSYS FLUENT solver. Actual boundary conditions of 1615 K total inlet temperature, pressure ratio of 2.4, rotational speed of 12630 rpm and a tip gap of 1% of the annulus height were used. Three basic winglet tip's configurations have been studied and compared against a reference flat tip case for blade surface pressure, temperature distribution and overall efficiency. It was concluded that the improvement in overall efficiency reached 0.413 %, average blade surface pressure increased by 23.2 % and surface temperature decreased by 0.836 %. A simple optimization technique has been utilized to select the optimal case based on significant parameters. It was concluded that the suction side squealer with winglet is the optimum case achieving improvement of 0.26 % efficiency and increased 21.5 % surface pressure and 0.27 % decreasing in surface temperature of the rotor blade. Keywords - Winglet-Cavity Tip, tip Geometry, Tip Leakage, Numerical Simulation, Gas Turbine Performance