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Optimum Parametric Analysis of Mechanical Oscillator for Pumping Application

2 stage mechanical oscillator is a mechanism with new mechanical effects. This was invented by a Serbian scientist, Veljko Milkovic. It is a source of clean energy. In this mechanism, we use a higher efficient energy transformation from the input to the output side of the mechanism. A pendulum oscillates on one side of a lever, which is pivoted. The oscillation of the pendulum is converted to output via the lever. The output contains a bellow, which uses the reciprocating motion to pump air and water. Various analyses like length ratio, weight ratio and efficiency test were conducted with the fabricated oscillator. Oscillator is constructed with a telescopic pendulum which facilitates the adjustment of length. The pivot position as well as the weight ratio of the lever is varied throughout the experiment and the optimum location and weight ratio corresponding to maximum discharge is found out. Maximum efficiency of oscillator utilized for pumping the water corresponds to 92.07%. With the improvement of the mechanical oscillator can be effectively used for pressurizing the working medium - air. Keywords - Pendulum, Clean Energy, Energy Harvesting, Pendulum Pump.