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Steel Work Design and Analysis of a 2-Wheeled Scooter

This motorized Two-wheel scooter is specifically designed for low speed, and hence is more suitable for short distance commute. It incorporates a mild steel frame which houses the transmission mechanism. This transmission system in its self is a motor- chain-sprocket assembly: a 350w DC motor powered by a 24v, 18A battery generates sufficient torque which is transmitted by a 16 toothed sprocket through a chain comprising of 64 links to a rear sprocket (22 teeth) attached to the rear wheel. On either side of the handle bar is the brake lever (left) and speed controller (right) for ease of navigation. The stress analysis reviled that the maximum stress induced on the frame due to design load is 49.156N/m2. The maximum design load of this scooter is 686.7N, and from the graph analysis the scooter travels at a maximum velocity of 0.51m/s. The graph also reviled that the velocity of the scooter is inversely proportional to the load. Similarly, the discharge rate of the battery increases as the load is increased. Also, the scooter velocity is directly proportional to the rate of battery discharge. The continuous working time of the battery is 40min at rated load and normal working condition. Keyword; Scooter, electric vehicle, design, velocity, motorize, wheel.