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Numerical Simulation of A Bat Wing Airfoil At A Wing Beat

The purpose of this research is to model the bat's airfoil in a wingbeat and study the flow behavior around it. There are different species of bats living in nature. In this project, because of the wide range of bats, 12 bat species have been selected and their dimensions and characteristics have been averaged and used as reference dimensions, In order to obtain the velocity and how to flap a wing, a bat specie has been studied at different speeds. The maximum flight speed has been selected for the analization and the way of movement of the wing and the amplitude of the oscillation at this speed was estimated using experimental data. After estimating of wing movement, the frequency and amplitude of each wing airfoil can be obtained. The air flow through the middle airfoil in the movement of the bat wing was modeled by using the numerical simulation of the fluid and the coefficients of lift and thrust were calculated for the airfoil. At the end, the flow separation was simulated in the motion of the flap and the structure of the flow around the airfoil was investigated. Keywords - Bat’s Airfoil, Numerical Simulation, Pitching, Plunging