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Tribology Study of Graphene-Aluminium Nanocomposites

Aluminium metal matrix composites are widely used in many applications ranging from automobiles to aircraft industry. Due to the ability to tailor the properties depending upon the reinforcements, metal matrix composites are of considerable interest in today’s world. Graphene, a very unique member from the carbon family, is known for its lubricational and binding abilities. Several works about graphene reinforced metal composites were published in the past decade. Although monolayer graphene only have a single layer, and difficult to bind with the matrix, production of graphene in the form of ERGO(exfoliated reduced graphene oxide) surpasses these difficulties as ERGO has a few exfoliated layers and some oxide groups that readily attach with it. Current study focuses on the tribological aspects of graphene. Its role in reducing the wear rate and friction coefficient. Keywords- Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites, Graphene, Pin on Disk Wear Testing, Friction Analysis