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Numerical Analysis of Air Flow (CFD) and Optimization Parameters of Air Intake System Applied in Super Efficient Vehicle - ECO Arrow 3.0

The air intake system is the one of the most important part of our vehicle and has significant impact on the quality and quantity of fuel combustion. The important thing is properly selected parameters of flowing air and shape of the air intake manifold. The main aim of this article is selecting the suitable air intake system for 4-stroke combustion engine - Honda GX 35 with spark ignition a very popular and light engine with a capacity of 35cm3. The engine works in the most efficient vehicle Eco Arrow 3.0 mostly during Shell Eco-marathons. The air is delivered to the combustion engine by the air intake system. It provides the delivering air which is needed to the fuel combustion process. Rightly designed air intake system has direct influence on the engine efficiency. The important aspect is to provide the right dose of the air to the motor. (In case) If the dose of delivering air is too big or too small then the engine efficiency decreases significantly. In Eco Arrow 3.0 the air intake system is replaced by one air intake manifold due to the specific size of our vehicle. This solution is fulfilled our requirements because of velocity and pressure of the delivering air. The three types of shape of the manifold were distinguished for the sake of appropriate parameters of the flow to the combustion chamber. The air intake systems had subjected to the numerical analysis CFD and the best solution was chosen. Keywords - SEM, Shell Eco-Marathon, Air Intake System, Efficient Cars, Gasoline Engines, CFD Analysis