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Analysis of Shock-Mounts for an Indigenous 65HP Wankel Rotary Engine to Reduce Vibrations

Shock and Vibration mounts isolate machinery and structures from the base. In this paper, a 65hp indigenous Wankel rotary engine used in an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is analysed. It was observed that the engine developed excessive vibrations at certain operating range. A parametric study on the effects of various parameters such as stiffness, damping, engine speeds and the residual unbalances on the mounts was proposed. A study was even done to find the optimum mount position wherein the vibration levels were low. For this, a mathematical model of the shock mounts along with the engine was formulated. The model was input to the Matlab simulations and the responses obtained from various trials were compared and the optimum parameters were selected which, in turn reduced the vibrations to an acceptable level. Keywords - Shock and Vibration Mounts, Wankel Engine, Vibration, Parametric Study, Matlab, Mathematical Model, Responses, Residual Unbalances.