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Performance Characteristics of Undi-Waste Cooking Oil based Hybrid Biodiesel on C.I. Engine

Depletion of fossil fuels and environment concern promoted the interest in development of alternative fuel sources. Expected increase in world population is about 8-10 billion by 2050, combined with significant growth in emerging economy will result in substantially increase in energy consumption. Economic development in developing countries and policy of OPEC(oil and petroleum exporting countries) leads to rise in petroleum prices. To be able to respond to this growth demand and environment protection we need to use natural resources more efficiently and increase the use of alternative fuel such as biodiesel. Recently plant oil and waste oil are gaining world-wide attention because they can be found easily in many parts of the world and are more efficient and eco-friendlier. This paper investigates the potential of Calophyllum Inophyllum (undi) and waste cooking oil obtained from INDIAN BIODIESEL CORPORATION, Baramati for biodiesel production. In this present work, investigation were carried out to study the performance characteristics of calophyllum inophyllum (undi) and waste cooking oil based hybrid biodiesel. The results were compared with diesel fuel and the blends used where in the ratios (B09,B18, B27, B36). The experiments were performed on single cylinder, four stroke, water cooled diesel engine running at constant speed of 1500rpm and different readings were obtained at different loads. The engine performance parameters such as specific fuel consumption, brake power, brake thermal efficiency and volumetric efficiency were recorded. Keywords - Fuels, Blends, Esterification, Performance, Transesterification.