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Thermal Simulation of Multi Sparks Electric Discharge Deposition Process

This paper studies about the effect of input parameters on the thermophysical property of the copper electrode and deposition parameters for multi discharge electric discharge deposition (EDD) process. Copper is taken as tool electrode and stainless steel is taken as a workpiece. For deposition of copper, ZNC die sinker EDM with reverse polarity has been used. Finite element analysis software COMSOL Multiphysics has been used to understand the thermal and deposition model. Air is used as dielectric to avoid the bubble formation, which is not favorable for EDD. A plasma channel is established between tool and workpiece, which liberates high heat energy. This energy is involved in melting and vaporization of tool and workpiece material. The temperature distribution in the copper electrode is observed during the multi discharge. The main reason for the deposition of material is temperature. When the temperature of the electrode reached to melting point temperature, electrode gets melt and deposited over the substrate. In the deposition, the process temperature is the very first parameter and analyzed for different input parameters. Keywords - EDD, Electrode gap, Air, Dielectric, COMSOL Multiphysics.