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Manufacture Of Az31 Magnesium Alloy Circular Tubes By Cold Roll Forming

The growing demand for light weight products for automotive industries has been increased due to global trend of environmental preservation. In recent several years, although production of magnesium has risen dramatically, production of magnesium alloy sheet remains still at a very low level in practical use. The major barrier to greatly increased magnesium alloy use has been in still primarily high manufacturing cost as well as its poor workability of wrought magnesium sheet alloys. One of the author has investigated in cold roll forming of magnesium alloy, however detailed forming characteristics of the wrought magnesium alloy sheets has not been clarified. The aim of the study is to establish a guideline for roll design in the roll forming for wrought magnesium alloy sheet. A three dimensional elasto-plastic analysis by finite element method (FEM) has been conducted to examine the shapes of cross section, springback characteristics, bending strains and longitudinal membrane strain of magnesium alloy sheet and cold rolled steel sheet during forming. Keywords- Cold Roll Forming, Magnesium Alloy, Elasto-Plastic Finite Element Method