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Involute Gear Profile Error Detector

This project work titled” INVOLUTE GEAR PROFILE ERROR DETECTOR BY USING DIAL GAUGE “The aim of the project is to check the error detection by applying the basic principle of involute generation. Usually when the gears have any defects it produces more vibration. In order to rectify the vibration we have planned to design and fabricate the involute gear profile error detector. The main part of the involute gear profile error detector is the base circle disc in which the gear is mounted. The gear is locked by means of locking arrangement which has a shaft and it is coupled to the bearings. The whole locking arrangement is coupled by means of a locking screw arrangement called locking handle which can be able to rotate manually. It consists of the actuating rod which is situated between the baseplate and locking arrangement. The function of the actuating rod to hold the base plate tightly. Gears are used in many applications.