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Effect of the Contraction Ratio on the Pressure Drop of MHD Flow in a Sudden Contraction

In this study, a three-dimensional liquid metal (LM) magneto hydrodynamic (MHD) flow in a rectangular, electrically-conducting duct with sudden contraction under a uniform magnetic field is numerically examined. In spite of numerous analytic, experimental and numerical studies on MHD duct flows, detailed flow characteristics of LMMHD flows in rectangular ducts with sudden contraction of cross-section are not reported much. In the current study, detailed information on the flow velocity, pressure, Lorentz force, current and electric potential of the MHD duct flow is investigated with the use of commercial software CFX. Features of the MHD duct flow with sudden contraction under a uniform magnetic field are discussed in view of the interdependency of the flow variables involved. Besides, cases with different contraction ratios for sudden contraction are considered to investigate the geometrical effect on the pressure drop. The results show that with the increasing of the contraction ratio, the total pressure drop decreases. Keywords - Liquid Metal, MHD, numerical Analysis, Sudden Contraction.