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Fabrication and Mechanical Properties of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube and Cellulose Microfibril Reinforced Epoxy Composite

Multi-walled carbon nanotube and cellulose microfibril reinforced epoxy composite (MWNT/CMF Composite) is successfully fabricated; the MWNT reinforcement is prepared by dispersing in ethanol utilizing the Couple Ultrasonication technique, and the CMF reinforcement is prepared by chemically treating coir with the solutions of NaOH (aq) and H2O2, respectively, and homogenizing the mixture using ultrasonication. The MWNT/CMF Composite is then fabricated into samples with various mixing ratios of the reinforcements for mechanical properties testing. According to the tensile and flexural properties tests, the sample reinforced with 40 % MWNT and 60 % CMF shows promising properties including elimination of plastic deformation region, broadening of elastic deformation region, and increasing in modulus of elasticity. Keywords - Cellulose Microfibril, Composite, Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube, Reinforcement.